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Lace frontal wig construction

Lace frontal wig construction

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Do you want hairline plucking?

What's Included In The Price:

* Wig construction

* Wig making cap

* Bleached knots

* Hair parting of choice: (middle, right, left, no part/flip over)

* An option to have an elastic band sewn into your wig 

* Shampoo/Condition after wig is constructed

Wig style of choice (Wand curls, Barrel curls, Flat ironed straight)

Lace frontal wig is a wig where a lace frontal is attached. The lace frontal substitutes as the parting area from ear to ear which gives the appearance of hair growing out of your scalp. So if your leave out needs a break or if you don't want to worry about blending your real hair with a wig and want more parting space from ear to ear, a lace frontal wig will be perfect for you.

Custom wig is made with a pre made mesh wig cap which will give you a flat install and a breathable/snug fit. Clients can also provide their own particular wig cap they want me to use for their wig and send it along with their bundles. If you are providing your own cap for your wig, please email me and be sure to try the cap on first before sending it to make sure it fits your head.

*In order to get a lace frontal wig made, you will need to provide your own desired hair extensions*

Hair required for wig (This is based off bundles that are 3.5 - 4 oz. This is also based off lace frontals that are 13 x 5 or smaller.)

10"-14" : 2 bundles NOTE: You will need 3 bundles if your head circumference is 23" or bigger!
16"-22" : 3 bundles
24"- 26" : 4 bundles
28" and longer : 5 bundles

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